Post 21

25 05 2011


When does the male human body stop growing again? It must be soon. At least I know the male brain still has a year or two left.

So, being on the other side of 21 is a little worrying, but I think I felt the same at 18 and 20 for similar reasons. Though turning 18 was far more enabling than anything.

All at once my life seems to have become focussed around things like housework or how much fuel is per litre today. But the independence I’ve recently gained by moving out of home is definitely worth it.

Well at least I hope so. I’m not doing terribly well with my current uni assignment as a result. It doesn’t help that all the while I am working full time. What I wouldn’t give for a day off.

The other side of 21 means a lot of things for different people. People are measured against what they have and haven’t achieved. Where their future is or isn’t. Which isn’t very fair.

I bought a cake to work yesterday to let people know I’d turned 21. I had people shaking my hand, congratulating me. I guess it all comes with the legal age thing. Even though I live in Australia.

I went to Vegas in Nevada when I was 19 (with my own money). Las Vegas is a very pretty, sparkley, dirty, filthy place when all you can do is walk around and look at stuff. I guess I could have looked for a nudie bar, but I didn’t.

I don’t think 21 is a calling for a radical shift in anything. I think, if anything, the best thing you can do is just keep going at the same, steady pace. You aren’t being forced into something you’re not, and nobody expects you to emulate some ideal version of that age.

Well at least I think so. Otherwise I should perhaps move the Pikachu plushie sitting on my desk at work.




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27 05 2011
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29 05 2011

I remember when I turned 21… it was crazy. I didn’t feel like I was anything different, only thing it meant was that I could go into a store and buy alocohol. I guess its all about what you personally put onto that birthday which gives it meaning.

11 06 2013

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