1 06 2011

Well things are looking different since my awful day yesterday. I’ve managed to recover my bag. I jokingly asked the person at the lost and found centre on George st, Brisbane, if my cans of tuna were still there. He couldn’t tell me, but lo and behold, no less than two cans of tuna populated my bag. Cheers guys.

As far as my other issue with the guy at work with the problem, we’ll see. My boss seems to want to have a chat to his supervisor, but it doesn’t make too much of a difference to me. I’m just glad that my boss is the kind of person to champion his staff.

Now, the next most pressing matters include a trip to Sydney coming up and the anniversary of my girlfriend and I starting our relationship. Tomorrow. She seems to think I’ve got something planned.

Yeah so, tomorrow’s daily blog will be interesting if only for that. Any tips? I’d never had a girlfriend before her and this is our first anniversary.




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1 06 2011

Take her out for lunch/dinner and get her some flowers or something cute! :)

2 06 2011

Sounds like a plan :)

2 06 2011

Make the world your oyster. Do whatever you like. Go nuts.

Maybe do that one thing you haven’t done yet, just because you can. Or just have an excellent night out or in.

This is one day out of three hundred and sixty five and you can do these things on any one of them, but this is the day you get to say “We’re going to do this because today’s incredible and we must.”

2 06 2011

Thanks Jon. Words to live by.

Hey, you need to come visit us. Come over tomorrow night, or Saturday night. Or something :)

2 06 2011

I’ll be in Sydney again this weekend – but yes please! Free time begins this coming week for the most part. I have a lecture on Monday til 7 and a presentation on Thursday afternoon, but on all these nights and the rest to come I shall be free, and some of them I will use to consume your air and space, yes.


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