6 06 2011

Righto a couple of things. Firstly, I think I’m going to swap between writing blogs on my phone and my PC. This ‘daily desire’ series is fine from my phone, but I feel larger, more focussed posts I want to make shouldn’t be limited by the capacity of the vehicle chosen to deliver it.

Now, this is not such a bad thing. It damages the theme a little, but it means ill just have to write better quality content to keep you hooked :)

The other day was the anniversary of my girlfriend and I starting our relationship. We went to our local mall, Sunnybank Plaza, and scoped out the movies. With a 6 pm start for The Hangover part II, we had some time to squeeze in some technika 2 at the arcade. It’s a rhythm game involving tapping circles on a touch screen in time with music. Very stylized Asian pop music with accompanying video.

We grabbed our tickets a few minutes late, but that’s okay given all the ads at the beginning. Along with the tickets we bought the drinking hat branded with the movie title that comes as a combo with popcorn and a drink. It wasn’t the best idea, it killed our appetite for dinner.

Only thing ill say about the movie is that they definitely found more ways to be outrageous. Too much the same? I should hope so, but to each their own.

After the movie we went back to the arcade for some Dance Dance Revolution and then did some shopping. A lint brush and a copy of Gulliver’s travels, the one with Jack Black. My girlfriend likes his movies quite a lot. I on the other hand always think of that scene from The Jackal with Bruce Willis with the remote control gun and the playing card.

I’ve been meaning to post this for a few days now, but oh well. The next blog I post will hopefully be a full length one.

So have you guys watched Hangover 2 or played DDR?




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6 06 2011


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