Desire Blog HD – What?

23 05 2011

So this morning it’s time for me to go to work, and I am already running a little late. I go to let myself out and realise that the door to the garage where I normally let myself out is locked from the inside and my girlfriend who is already at work has the key. I don’t know why she insists on locking that door.

The problem is that the garage door is the only thing I have a key for in this house at the moment. That is, we moved in together just a month ago.

I couldn’t let myself out the front door either. The front door has a metal gate that is impossible to open without a key. Actually, the whole house is like that. Doors and Windows with bars. Several levels of locks and deadbolts. We figure one of the previous tenants must have either been old couple or a really paranoid person.

Eventually I found a door in our office I could escape from. I got out and locked it before I closed it. Speaking of paranoid, I thought I left the tv on, so I let myself back in through the garage and checked. Nope. At least, I grabbed my jumper. It’s cold in Brisbane right now.

I get down to the bus stop. Right on 8am. At about 8.03 I start having this paranoid delusion that I left the garage door open. I have done it once.

I went back to check, accepting I will be late for work. It was closed.

One mad dash to catch my bus later I am writing this, and slightly sick. Oh and its my 21st birthday. Happy Birthday me.

My life is a bit like that sometimes. Nothing out of the ordinary. I don’t mind writing about it sometimes. Helps put it into perspective.

I have a habit of starting things and not finishing them. I want to change that.

Not too long ago I bought a Desire HD. My first smart phone and to cut to the chase, I came up with an idea to write blogs straight from my phone. It started on a forum I frequent as a moderator, but it didn’t get any attention.

So I thought I might try my luck again here. Though I dont know what to expect. In that forum I already had an identity and an authority. Out here on the WordPress there are exactly 1 quazillion others to compete with.

Now I’m at work finishing this, so I might cut it short. You’ll just have to wait for the bus ride home to hear the rest.


Testing testing

19 05 2011

Quickly, how do I internet?