6 06 2011

Righto a couple of things. Firstly, I think I’m going to swap between writing blogs on my phone and my PC. This ‘daily desire’ series is fine from my phone, but I feel larger, more focussed posts I want to make shouldn’t be limited by the capacity of the vehicle chosen to deliver it.

Now, this is not such a bad thing. It damages the theme a little, but it means ill just have to write better quality content to keep you hooked :)

The other day was the anniversary of my girlfriend and I starting our relationship. We went to our local mall, Sunnybank Plaza, and scoped out the movies. With a 6 pm start for The Hangover part II, we had some time to squeeze in some technika 2 at the arcade. It’s a rhythm game involving tapping circles on a touch screen in time with music. Very stylized Asian pop music with accompanying video.

We grabbed our tickets a few minutes late, but that’s okay given all the ads at the beginning. Along with the tickets we bought the drinking hat branded with the movie title that comes as a combo with popcorn and a drink. It wasn’t the best idea, it killed our appetite for dinner.

Only thing ill say about the movie is that they definitely found more ways to be outrageous. Too much the same? I should hope so, but to each their own.

After the movie we went back to the arcade for some Dance Dance Revolution and then did some shopping. A lint brush and a copy of Gulliver’s travels, the one with Jack Black. My girlfriend likes his movies quite a lot. I on the other hand always think of that scene from The Jackal with Bruce Willis with the remote control gun and the playing card.

I’ve been meaning to post this for a few days now, but oh well. The next blog I post will hopefully be a full length one.

So have you guys watched Hangover 2 or played DDR?


100 Criticisms Per Minute

1 06 2011

Today has been interesting. Began by losing my bag. Fail. I’ve been wanting a new bag for a while so maybe its not that bad. There wasn’t anything too valuable in that bag either. Just an umbrella, two cans of tuna, two slices of bread, deoderant and loose bits of paper. Unless there was information in there relating to my real estate agent, nothing of value was lost.

Been onto the people responsible for lost and found, but haven’t found anything yet. Fingers crossed. Kind of.

I realise that responding to service desk requests, despite being a tier 2 section member, means dealing with irate customers. I feel sorry for anybody who has been made to feel responsible for something they are merely the messenger for.

I had a job logged a month and a half ago. My job was to merely assess the outcome and collect data as part of a wider investigation. Of course, when somebody is berating and criticising you at 100 criticisms per minute, its hard to get a word in edgeways to tell them ‘no, my job wasn’t to fix it’.

It’s something I miss about all of my previous jobs. Especially my last one. I’ve worked for three years in the public school IT space doing the ‘Network Administrator’ aka IT help desk aka change 20 passwords a day because school kids can’t handle the concept of remembering a password that possesses 8 characters, a capital letter, a number and a symbol.

What I miss exactly, is the part where I got to see a job progressed from beginning to end. The part where I was a face of the solution, not a cog in the clockwork. I guess when the scope of any endeavour widens, the recognition of any single part drops.

Blogging might be a little like that in a way. Here I am looking at the stats page of my blog and am joyed at the days where I get more than 15 views. I have time to be thankful for and respond to posts individually and I can monitor everything as a whole.

Maybe that’s why I’m beginning to wonder if being in the IT support space is what I really want to do with the rest of my life. At one point in my life I wanted to be a writer. A fiction writer. I may even post a few original creations in the coming days.

I started this blog as I was beginning to harbour those thoughts. Thoughts that maybe this isn’t the life I want to lead in the long term. I want to always be making enough money to support my girlfriend and I though, and so I won’t be leaving my job any time soon.

Surely I am not the only person to come to this kind of cross roads. Have any of you ever took a step back and wondered if your working life is headed the way you want it to?

While you ponder that, I think the next blog ill be working on is about my first experience with gambling in a casino. Stay tuned :)


28 05 2011

So before I start spending more money than I should I thought I’d better post a daily blog. Today sucked. Onset of flu preceding today’s 6 hour practical workshop examination. Pretty much everything went wrong for us, but at least it’s the written part of this assessment that holds the most weighting in terms of the distribution of the grade.

I’ll just say that group work really grinds my gears.

So now I’m meant to hit the town? I have a headache already and I haven’t even had a drink. Sigh.

Happy Belated, flu ridden birthday. I guess I should my blessings, and be glad people are coming to celebrate it with me. Casino is the plan. I don’t normally gamble, in fact I never have.

What are your casino strategies? Or are you like me and never gamble?


27 05 2011

So, the last couple of days have been quite typical. A vicious cycle of long shift work and little sleep. Compound that with a 50 Page assignment that was due Wednesday night and we’ve got a good picture. At least the laundry got done.

Wednesday at work was interesting. Any spare moment I could snare (lunch) went towards re-writing sections of the assignment. It was really the worst week to have late shift. Getting out at 6, I hurried over to queen st mall in Brisbane via bus to meet with a team mate, grab food to eat on the go, and got into uni to finish the assignment.

There we worked for 5 hours and got it done. I think in that span of time i’d written 1300 words to replace a team member’s ‘interpretation’ of his section.

It wasn’t til past midnight we got out. It took us to be in the middle of the Brisbane cbd to realise that there were no more busses, and the first game of Australia’s rugby state of origin had concluded which equated to drunkards everywhere.

So now my team mate and I were stranded in a city of testosterone and alcohol. Queensland won, thankfully. I was wearing my warm jacket coloured various shades of blue (Queensland’s enemy are New South Wales, the blue team). There were a few times when the two of us were walking towards groups of 5 walking the other way and we felt just a little uncomfortable.

We tried the bus stations, but they were closed. We tried to call the transport centre but they said we’d missed the last bus. At this point my team mate, Luke, was going to need to crash at mine since he lives in the middle of nowhere.

Foregoing trains because I dislike trains at this time of night, we managed to catch a taxi back to mine. The fare between the corner of Roma st and Ann st to sunnybank is about $37 for future reference. It was about 1am when we got to my place.

Whilst taxi fares aren’t cheap, they are intangibly cheaper than a train ride on a night like that. I have a few rather forgetable stories involving trains. The last involved Australia day and wrestling with a drunk guy for my stuff.

The thing is, you’ll take the taxi and you’ll never know. Be safe on nights like that.

Post 21

25 05 2011


When does the male human body stop growing again? It must be soon. At least I know the male brain still has a year or two left.

So, being on the other side of 21 is a little worrying, but I think I felt the same at 18 and 20 for similar reasons. Though turning 18 was far more enabling than anything.

All at once my life seems to have become focussed around things like housework or how much fuel is per litre today. But the independence I’ve recently gained by moving out of home is definitely worth it.

Well at least I hope so. I’m not doing terribly well with my current uni assignment as a result. It doesn’t help that all the while I am working full time. What I wouldn’t give for a day off.

The other side of 21 means a lot of things for different people. People are measured against what they have and haven’t achieved. Where their future is or isn’t. Which isn’t very fair.

I bought a cake to work yesterday to let people know I’d turned 21. I had people shaking my hand, congratulating me. I guess it all comes with the legal age thing. Even though I live in Australia.

I went to Vegas in Nevada when I was 19 (with my own money). Las Vegas is a very pretty, sparkley, dirty, filthy place when all you can do is walk around and look at stuff. I guess I could have looked for a nudie bar, but I didn’t.

I don’t think 21 is a calling for a radical shift in anything. I think, if anything, the best thing you can do is just keep going at the same, steady pace. You aren’t being forced into something you’re not, and nobody expects you to emulate some ideal version of that age.

Well at least I think so. Otherwise I should perhaps move the Pikachu plushie sitting on my desk at work.

Desire Blog HD – What?

23 05 2011

So this morning it’s time for me to go to work, and I am already running a little late. I go to let myself out and realise that the door to the garage where I normally let myself out is locked from the inside and my girlfriend who is already at work has the key. I don’t know why she insists on locking that door.

The problem is that the garage door is the only thing I have a key for in this house at the moment. That is, we moved in together just a month ago.

I couldn’t let myself out the front door either. The front door has a metal gate that is impossible to open without a key. Actually, the whole house is like that. Doors and Windows with bars. Several levels of locks and deadbolts. We figure one of the previous tenants must have either been old couple or a really paranoid person.

Eventually I found a door in our office I could escape from. I got out and locked it before I closed it. Speaking of paranoid, I thought I left the tv on, so I let myself back in through the garage and checked. Nope. At least, I grabbed my jumper. It’s cold in Brisbane right now.

I get down to the bus stop. Right on 8am. At about 8.03 I start having this paranoid delusion that I left the garage door open. I have done it once.

I went back to check, accepting I will be late for work. It was closed.

One mad dash to catch my bus later I am writing this, and slightly sick. Oh and its my 21st birthday. Happy Birthday me.

My life is a bit like that sometimes. Nothing out of the ordinary. I don’t mind writing about it sometimes. Helps put it into perspective.

I have a habit of starting things and not finishing them. I want to change that.

Not too long ago I bought a Desire HD. My first smart phone and to cut to the chase, I came up with an idea to write blogs straight from my phone. It started on a forum I frequent as a moderator, but it didn’t get any attention.

So I thought I might try my luck again here. Though I dont know what to expect. In that forum I already had an identity and an authority. Out here on the WordPress there are exactly 1 quazillion others to compete with.

Now I’m at work finishing this, so I might cut it short. You’ll just have to wait for the bus ride home to hear the rest.