28 05 2011

So before I start spending more money than I should I thought I’d better post a daily blog. Today sucked. Onset of flu preceding today’s 6 hour practical workshop examination. Pretty much everything went wrong for us, but at least it’s the written part of this assessment that holds the most weighting in terms of the distribution of the grade.

I’ll just say that group work really grinds my gears.

So now I’m meant to hit the town? I have a headache already and I haven’t even had a drink. Sigh.

Happy Belated, flu ridden birthday. I guess I should my blessings, and be glad people are coming to celebrate it with me. Casino is the plan. I don’t normally gamble, in fact I never have.

What are your casino strategies? Or are you like me and never gamble?



27 05 2011

So, between recounting some of my more meaningful experiences and philosophising etc I wish to be able to post once a day as a mini blog of sorts.

Today is the last day of late shift for me. Yay ;) it has to be pretty much the worst week for it between uni assessments. My Wednesday for example, sucked.

Tonight we’ve gotta get together again to prepare for the workshop. At least afterwards ill be able to go out and finally celebrate turning 21.

Oh joy. Hopefully my suit doesn’t get ruined. I also hope I can get a lot of my friends to come. I’ve been so busy I haven’t had the time to ask anyone. Well, I guess we’ll see what happens. My girlfriend will be there, that’ll do ;)


27 05 2011

So, the last couple of days have been quite typical. A vicious cycle of long shift work and little sleep. Compound that with a 50 Page assignment that was due Wednesday night and we’ve got a good picture. At least the laundry got done.

Wednesday at work was interesting. Any spare moment I could snare (lunch) went towards re-writing sections of the assignment. It was really the worst week to have late shift. Getting out at 6, I hurried over to queen st mall in Brisbane via bus to meet with a team mate, grab food to eat on the go, and got into uni to finish the assignment.

There we worked for 5 hours and got it done. I think in that span of time i’d written 1300 words to replace a team member’s ‘interpretation’ of his section.

It wasn’t til past midnight we got out. It took us to be in the middle of the Brisbane cbd to realise that there were no more busses, and the first game of Australia’s rugby state of origin had concluded which equated to drunkards everywhere.

So now my team mate and I were stranded in a city of testosterone and alcohol. Queensland won, thankfully. I was wearing my warm jacket coloured various shades of blue (Queensland’s enemy are New South Wales, the blue team). There were a few times when the two of us were walking towards groups of 5 walking the other way and we felt just a little uncomfortable.

We tried the bus stations, but they were closed. We tried to call the transport centre but they said we’d missed the last bus. At this point my team mate, Luke, was going to need to crash at mine since he lives in the middle of nowhere.

Foregoing trains because I dislike trains at this time of night, we managed to catch a taxi back to mine. The fare between the corner of Roma st and Ann st to sunnybank is about $37 for future reference. It was about 1am when we got to my place.

Whilst taxi fares aren’t cheap, they are intangibly cheaper than a train ride on a night like that. I have a few rather forgetable stories involving trains. The last involved Australia day and wrestling with a drunk guy for my stuff.

The thing is, you’ll take the taxi and you’ll never know. Be safe on nights like that.